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 Ain't She Something  This little tune in a modern Bluegrass style was written for my wife, Kay. It pretty much describes her in size and her fun loving attitude about life.
 Anything To Get You Back Home    Here's a song for anyone that has ever had the love of their life leave and didn't know why. You'd do anything to get them back.
Take A Midnight Train   A bit of hard driving Country Rock served up with a screaming harmonica and heavy bass line. Good beat for a dance party.
  I Pray There's An Outlaw Heaven   A country ballad that could be a true story. Although it's not written about my family in particular, it could well have been. Most everyone has a few outlaws in their ancestry, maybe someday we'll all see them in Heaven.
 Not Enough Cowboys  Being politically correct has never been a strong point of my character. This song would probably be banned from the social media platforms of today, but hey, it is what it is!
I Used To Be A Cowboy  A little country swing ballad, who knows, I might have been a cowboy in another life.  
Neon Angels   Country as turnip greens, this country ballad is straight out of the 1980's, but could still go over for today's nostalgic country listeners.  
More Than Anything   A Country ballad style about a man that realized he'd wasted most of his life chasing dollars and dreams when what really mattered most was his family 
 Ridin' On An Ol' Greyhound
  Oh my, this one goes back to the mid 1970's, it's not a true story but was inspired in part by some people I met in Ohio. The line 'northern hiway southern bound' came to me as I was driving home from visiting them.
 (Gotta Keep Rockin')
These Boogie Shoes
  Put on your Boogie Shoes and hit the dance floor! This is my version of Southern Rock with a good backbeat rhythm and a wailing sax that makes you want to get up and dance.
 Country Music Turns Her On    Not many songs of any genre have ever been written in a Monorhyme scheme, this is where every line ends in rhyme. I'll have to say it was a challenge but check it out, this country music might turn you on.
 Baby That's OK
  Pop Country I suppose is where this one falls, I love water and fishing, and when you can add a lovely lady in the mix, you've got the lyrics for a country song.

 Weed Covered Fields
  This one goes a bit deep in meaning, but everyone has their own 'garden of roses' or something that means a lot to them and the thought of losing it is hard to imagine. Seeing beautiful roses replaced by weeds is my way of relating those feelings.
 Through These Eyes
  This one is for all the women that don't believe it when their loved-one tells them how pretty they are. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you have someone that says your beautiful, you are in their eyes. 

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   Here are few songs I've written over the years, although most are recent creations due to the downtime from the pandemic of 20/21, that allowed me the spare time to finish a few. I hope you find one or two that you like from this batch, I have few more I hope to polish up and post here as God allows and time permits.

  Please don't rate the songs solely on my vocals, I'll be the first to say I am not a singer, but the lyrics, melodies and arrangements are presented here to create feelings for the listener, maybe a line or two will instill new memories in someone's heart or bring back pleasant memories from the past.

  I've played around with music since I was 10 years old and always loved it but let it go idle for a few years while trying to build my design business. Along about 2010, I learned of some new software called Band-In-A-Box, that helps anyone compose and create music. The program uses digital tracks of real musicians playing backup in almost any style of music you can think of and then intellegently blends each of these instruments with your own chords and melodies. All of the songs featured here are built mostly with this program, then mixed and mastered in Audacity, a sound editing program to create the MP3 files above.

  These songs are registered through the U.S. Copyright Office and are for sale to any interested person/persons. Please leave a message in the comment form below.

Writer/composer, pianist, guitarist, and lead vocals: Larry 'Scootie' Elliott
Harmony/backup vocals: Lila Crossno
Harmony/backup vocals, and lead guitarist: Alton Crossno
Composite Backing Tracks: Band In A Box featuring various Nashville studio musicians.