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ALBUM ONE      Finding Myself

 Ain't She Something
 Anything To Get You Back Home 
Take A Midnight Train
  I Pray There's An Outlaw Heaven
 Not Enough Cowboys
I Used To Be A Cowboy
Neon Angels
 Ridin' On An Ol' Greyhound
 (Gotta Keep Rockin')
These Boogie Shoes
 Country Music Turns Her On
Weed Covered Fields
Through These Eyes



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   These are few songs I've written over the years, although most are recent creations due to the downtime from the pandemic of 20/21, which has allowed me the spare time to finish a few. I hope you find one or two that you like from this batch, I have few more I hope to polish up and post here as God allows and time permits.

Writer/composer, pianist, guitarist, and lead vocals: Larry 'Scootie' Elliott
Harmony/backup vocals: Lila Crossno
Harmony/backup vocals, and lead guitarist: Alton Crossno
Composite Backing Tracks: Band In A Box featuring various Nashville studio musicians.

  These songs are available to anyone interested in production rights. Please leave a message in the comment form above.


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