Bolen Services by Elliott Design
A new client, Bolen Services contacted us to create a logo for their growing Heating & Air Conditioning business. After meeting Mr. Bolen and discussing the project we had a good idea of the type of logo the client felt would convey his business to the public. His main request was he wanted something simple that would be readily recognized as representing "Hot & Cold". The colors were easy, as everyone relates reds with heat and blues with cold but how to add some ACTION to it was where the creative processes needed to come into play. The age old symbols for sun and ice have been used on so many heating and air companies that it was time for a new approach, and although I did play with those ideas for a bit at my customer's request, I couldn't help but feel they were too outdated for his company.
An A/C unit without the movement of air is not going to be functional, so the idea of putting our standard reds and blues into motion to help portray some movement was the driving force behind this logo. The swirls and colors helped tie the logo to the business type and the use of bold letters for the name made this a stand-out combination for use on his service vehicles and marketing materials.

Bolen Services truck lettering by Elliott Design
Service vehicle lettering was accomplished with pressure sensitive high performance cast vinyl for the dark blue stripe and digitally printed vinyl decals for the logo and lettering with some of the smaller copy on the box bed applied in cut vinyl.


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