Here's a few links to web sites that I have created.  If you are in need of professional assistance with web creation and/or graphics for web pages you may contact us at 731-986-4901 or through our E-Mail connection. We are a full-service web developer and can provide assistance with photography, domain registration, web hosting, web creation and maintenance.

I take pride in developing web sites that load fast and are easy to navigate. Even though most of our sites are graphic intensive I still maintain quick loading speeds by optimizing images to their highest quality and lowest file size.  If your site takes too long to load, your viewers may get tired of waiting and go elsewhere. Ease of navigation is also a must for your site visitors, if they get lost trying to find something on your site you may have lost them as a customer,,, your web site says a lot about your business.

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BETHEL WEDDING CHAPEL  Our hometown wedding chapel sets the standards for small-town hospitality
                      and quaint srroundings for weddings and special occassions.

JACK WALLIS DOORS, INC.  A full-featured site for a very creative stained glass and custom
                      door creator.  Jack needed a professional site to promote his company's quality
                      hand-crafted doors and glass to the public as well as to the building trade.  Take a
                      tour of his online portfolio and download his full-color catalogs in PDF format, this
                      is a site to be viewed by anyone building a new home.

  This is somewhat of an intensive graphics and data site.  Covering
                      the whole county and all the towns, it is an on-going process to keep the information
                      contained current and up to date.

MID-SOUTH CONCRETE LEVELING  The area leader in concrete floor leveling and repair, a
                      subsidiary of Bolton Companies of Milan, TN.

PHIPPS PHARMACY  "Your Cure For The Common Drug Store"

SYCAMORE FINANCIAL  Les Jaco and partners offer financial consulting and money management services

TENNESSEE INDUSTRIAL SALES  This site offers industrial supplies to the nation's factories, from
                      bathroom tissue to production equipment, T.I.S. can supply your industrial needs.

PERFORMANCE RUNNING of WEST TENNESSEE  A site for the running enthusiast, this company offers
                      sports and running shoes and apparel.



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