Care and Use of Your Banner

With proper care and installation, your banner should last a long time. Most banners are considered a TEMPORARY and ECONOMICAL type of signage and are not intended for long periods of use outdoors. Banners are made from various materials and weights and this should be considered when ordering a banner. Materials include Paper, TyVek, Vinyl, Polyethylene, Canvas, Cloth, Polyester, Nylon and more. Most of these fabrics and materials are available in several weights for different uses, remember, the lighter the weight the the less outdoor life the banner has.

Many billboards are now being 'wrapped' with heavy-weight banner materials, these UV resistant materials are intended for outdoor use for up to three years. These banner-wraps are securely attached around the perimeter of the billboard and prevents the wind stress associated with banners that are stretched between poles. Not all banner materials can be used for this length of time, most banners are constructed to be used for one month or less, if you intend to use your banner for extended periods you should request them to be constructed from the proper materials to withstand sun, rain and wind.

A banner is like a big kite, it catches lots of wind and can create an enormous amount of stress on the banner and the structure to which it is attached. Most cities do not allow banners to be placed over street traffic because of the fact that even a slight wind could cause it to tear loose and create a traffic hazard. Be sure to check with your local city authorities before ordering a banner for this purpose. Also, most cities have a size limitation for temporary signs and banners, it is up to you, the client, to check with your city officials for permits and a list of their restrictions.

Banners can get dirty from bird-droppings, mud splashes, and dust in the air settling on them when the dew is on. To clean your banner you can use a mild dishwashing liquid and rinse with plain water. DO NOT use any harsh abrasive cleaners or petroleum products. Place the banner on a long table or a clean area on the floor and gently wash, rinse and dry each side. Be sure the banner is completely dry before storing.

You should always store your banner in a rolled fashion. Roll the banner onto the cardboard tube with the graphics to the OUTSIDE, place it into the plastic bag and then into the original box. Always store the boxed banner on its side, never store it standing on end as this can cause damage if the banner settles and wrinkles. Do not store in a hot area, most banners and the lettering/graphics are made from plastics and vinyls, these can melt, distort or come apart in high heat. The trunk of your car even on a cool sunny day gets way too hot inside to carry or store your banner.

Your banner MUST be securely attached or mounted to withstand the elements into which it is placed. The following diagrams will help you get the best installation and avoid damage to your banner or the structure it is attached to. If you are not sure about your installation ability, please call 986-4901 and we'll help with any details not covered below. There are too many variables to list every type of install project.



Banners 8' or less in length can be wall mounted by placing a screw-eye into the wall a few inches from the end of the banner and securely tying the banner ropes through the screw-eye and the corner banner eyelet. The banner should be tied both top and bottom in this manner. A second approved attachment method is to use rubber bungee straps  to keep banner stretched tightly. The
rubber straps will expand and contract as the banner moves with the wind.


Banners over 8' in length should be
attached with screws and washers to wall or flat surface. For brick walls or other very hard materials, a 1" x 2" treated pine strip the same length as the banner should be securely attached to the wall and then the banner attached to
the wood strip. If you will be using your banners for different promotions this is the best method as it eliminates the need for new holes in the wall for each new
installation. There are aluminum channel systems available for this type install, call us for details and prices.


Banners 8' or less in length can be used between small steel fence posts or other posts of wood, aluminum, etc. Securely tie each end of the banner to the posts and stretch the banner snugly, do not over stretch. The banner should
hang without wrinkles but not so tight as to distort its shape at the eyelets.



Banners over 8' in length should be
supported with a cable across the top as shown in the diagram. Banners create an
enormous amount of tension even in a slight breeze and should be installed with safety in mind, the support cable helps hold the weight of the banner and keeps it from sagging. Secure the banner at each
end and across the top at each eyelet. Do not over stretch the banner, it should be wrinkle free but not distorted at the end
eyelets. DO NOT cut wind holes
in your banner, this only lessens the strength and can cause the banner to tear at the cuts.

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