Your car, truck or trailer can be a great advertising tool. Just imaging how many people see your vehicle in a day, week or month. Every time you drive down the road you meet potential customers that can identify your business by the name on your vehicle, how many times have you parked at a major retail store and seen hundreds of people that could  have known about your business if only you had your advertisement on the sides of your vehicle.  Placing your business name or logo on your vehicle is a VERY economical way to promote your company, products or services, every time someone sees your vehicle you have made a mental impression that people remember.  Vehicle graphics and lettering is too cost effective not to use!

The images below are just a small sampling of our vehicle graphic capabilities placed here to show a variety of styles.

The Huntingdon
ISTEA Train built on
a tractor frame.
We hand painted &
used vinyl graphics
to decorate this.

for Bobby Umstead.
The use of real pearl paints & transparent colors.

Vinyl graphics on box trailer, a great use of advertising space and a very economical way to promote a business.

Our Shop Vehicle
proves that advertising pays, we get compliments daily.

Hand painted faux finish on dash and interior of a '47 Chevy for Bob Rutledge

McKenzie Banner
Newly decorated van for deliveries and promotion.

Box trailer for
Parkers Crossroads Battlefield Park.
Vinyl letters with a
digital printed logo.

Truck graphics for
Huntingdon Termite
& Pest Control

Van lettering for
Phipps Pharmacy

An exact full-size replica of an 1860's Stage Coach


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