A Few Questions That Will Help Make Your Design Project
Go A Lot Easier For Both Of Us

The information that we ask you for is strictly confidential, we do not sell, share or provide this information to anyone else for any reason without your written authorization. We do not like spam emails and we will not use your information for any purpose other than to help you and I to make better decisions about your project.

The questions below should be answered to the best of your ability, the more we understand about you and your business the better we can provide services tailored to your needs. Your answers are by no means the full scope of what we will need to start your design project, they are to only get some basic ideas or what you like and dislike in general styles and colors. This helps us set a starting point for what your business image needs. You must understand that you will need to be flexible in your desires for color and style, some requests just cannot be made to work in a professional design, our experience is just that,,, it is experience,,, over 40 years of creating marketing materials and knowing what works and what doesn't we can create advertising materials that will enhance your business.

Full name of your business

Company slogan, tagline, or motto:

Describe the nature of your business, products or services:

Who is your primary business customer: young, old, men, women, corporate, individual, etc:

If you have an existing logo is there anything in particular you don't like about it or
your current business image?

What are the important applications for your logo: signage, stationery, web, vehicle graphics, brochures, etc:

List some adjectives that describe the image you want your logo to convey: bold, modern, trendy, retro, serious, established, playful, traditional, etc:

Tell us any color preferences that you have, also list any colors that you do not like and list the colors that your competition uses so as not to impose on their color scheme:

Which logos from our portfolio or from elsewhere do you especially like?

Are there any symbols or icons that you would like to incorporate into your design?

Other comments, questions, likes or dislikes that you feel is important to help us understand your needs:

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