Huntingdon Termite & Pest Control takes pride in the presentation of their business with a full-graphic style in their truck lettering. The clean appearance and simple design on their fleet of trucks gives their company a more professional look and the advertising value exceeds the small cost for the production of this type vehicle graphic. Todd Simpson, company owner says, "We not only have customers compliment us on the quality of our service but also on the professional appearance of our employees and vehicles, our trucks are seen all over the county and really brings attention to our business". By spreading the message across the full side of a vehicle you get much more advertisement value, sometimes 'what' you do is more important than 'who' you are, and no one can miss the type service this company provides. The company logo, name and address are the next recognition elements in this layout and the rest of the copy ties the layout together with the reversed lettering in the green band running full length of the cab and utility bed.


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