Website Development

 Estimating website development is quite difficult as web design can range from the simplest home page to the most in-depth multi-function site. The prices shown below are for standard commercial work, done in a professional, clean and creative style but does not include any custom coding for animations, image swaps, java scripts, etc. We develop fast loading pages that are easy to navigate without your viewer getting lost, your Home Page is always only one click away. With creative coding we are capable of maintaining mobile friendly page development to assure your website is viewable on any standard device. Specialty coding beyond that to make your site compatible with non-standard devices may or may not be available as web technology changes quite rapidly, we make no guarantees or warranties that your site remains viewable on newer mobile devices.

We use the services of Hosting Check, Inc. as our domain registrant and web space provider, you are free to use any provider you wish, however some providers do not allow easy access for web developers or locks you into using their proprietary software to edit your web site. Any additional time required by us to work with/through those providers will be considered billable time and may result in higher annual web costs. Our recommended provider is easy for us to work with and their services are reasonable and help us keep your cost down. Prices below are based on us using our standard provider for all web based services for your web site.

NOTE: Prices are current averages and may vary depending on your requirements, estimated costs are placed here only as guidelines and are subject to change as web technology changes. If we are contracted to develop your website, you will receive a more accurate estimate based on the information you supply, the figures below are for your rough estimations based on the number of pages and images you estimate you'll need.

Register Your Domain Name: first year registration and account activation = $75
Each yearly renewal $50 per year.

3 Gigabyte Web Hosting Space: first year = $200.
Each yearly renewal $180 per year.

Set Up Your Wed Space: web space initialization with (5) email user accounts = $75
Includes a 'Coming Soon' home page posted with your contact name, address and email until the actual site can be developed and posted live. Email forwarding can be set up to send your website emails to your Yahoo, G-mail or any viable email address. Additional email user accounts: $20 each.

Develop A Home Page: = $350 average, (special coding or effects extra)
Contains a header, menu with up to (10) drop down links/buttons, colorful display of your main information, footer and site map.

Body Pages: average $85.00 each depending on size, number of images and amount of text.

Google Maps: showing location and directions to your business can be added to your site for $40 during initial setup, $60 charge if done at a later date. Multiple maps for other locations $20 each location.

Text Forms: we can create most any type text form for collecting data on your site and have the results sent to your email account. Cost for a basic form with (4) text entry boxes is $60 each, additional text boxes are $5 each. Text Forms are used for surveys, user feedback, product inquiries or any place you need the site visitor to answer particular questions.

Shopping Carts: We can setup an interactive site allowing you to sell goods, products and services or take donations with a secured PayPal account. You must first register an account with PayPal, they offer different type accounts for sending or recieving money electronically. This is an easy way to accept credit cards on your site without all the hassles and expense of purchasing a secure server host and certificate and dealing with credit card companies.

Body Copy: You the customer are responsible for providing copy for the web pages, the bulk of the text should be supplied to us in either PDF, DOC or plain ASCI TXT files in a well written finished format with spelling and grammar checked. Please use only standard Windows/MAC fonts, Arial or Tahoma is preferred. Text that must be retyped or copied from scanned files will be subject to extra charges, the simplest way to provide us your information is to type your text in an email, this assures that it is in a useable format with standard fonts. You may embed images or photos in your text pages, but we still need the actual digital image/photo files sent separately.

Photos/Images: must be JPG, GIF or PNG files in a minimum size of 5 x 7 at 72 DPI. I prefer higher resolution files but none should be over 2MB in size. Multiple images may be sent as email attachments in a ZIP file not to exceed 10MB, or you may place them on a Thumb Drive, CD or DVD. Your images or photos will be edited, color corrected, and sized for web use and placed into your web pages.

Image Editing: charges for image or photo editing and placement on your website average $10 each, costs for special effects or digitally removing unwanted objects depends upon the amount of editing required to make them web-ready, and will be assessed only after we see the actual image and what is needed. I am an experienced digital image processor who can work wonders, but I'm not a magician, junk in junk out. Not all images can be made usable, small images with no detail or images out of focus cannot be turned into sharp clean images, no matter how much the detective programs on TV show they can turn a license plate photo from a cheap security camera into an image with crisp registration numbers, it just does not happen.

Animation Effects: we have the capability to enhance your web presence with animated effects, I do not recommend using these effects for most web sites as they take considerable time to load and do not work well with mobile phones at present. I have removed all such effects from my personal web site in order to keep it compatible with our cell phones users. Our site should appear on your cell as it does on your desktop computer, please check us out on both for comparison. With many site visitors now using cell phones to web surf, it makes for a good reason to try and keep your site as functional as possible for all users on all platforms. Due to the major search engines dropping support for older technology it is a constant battle to keep web design functional with all browsers, platforms and user devices. 

We reserve the right to refuse to use any images, photos, artwork or copy that may infringe upon the copyrighted property of others. All data submitted by you for your website must be your property or property to which you have gained written authorization/permission to use. NO EXCEPTIONS

On average: the cost of a (5/6) page custom website with (10/12) photos and (3/5) email accounts is around $1200 including the first year domain registration and hosting.

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