These carved pumpkins are a hobby project every Halloween and are fun to do. They are hand carved with the same tools we use to carve and sculpt our wood and HDU signs but are much easier due to the fact they material is much softer.  Each pumpkin has within it a unique face and all I do is release the image by removing everything that is not part of the character, some 'appear' quickly and others take a little more time, but there is a different face in each.  The overall shape of each pumpkin gives a clue as to what is to be found and leads me to create each face.  Anyone can do it, all it takes is a desire to get creative and the willingness to spend a bit of time lost in pumpkin chips.  A small sharp knife and a set of cheap carving chisels (available at most hardware stores) will get you started in a fun way to spend some time.
Read this short "How To" article.

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How To Carve a PunkinHead


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